Breaking Bad — by Whyt Manga

Breaking Bad is/ was a masterpiece. It’s actually a show that brought my father and I even closer as it’s one of the first shows that he and I watched like children each week for the last 3 seasons. 

A true achievement of the best of Hollywood and American storytelling, the tale of a decent man gone bad can be looked at as the tale of a bad man who tried (and failed) to be good. While I will always think Jesse (Aaron Paul) was a punk who deserved to die along with some of the series other memorable characters–the fact remains that it is easily one of the best written and incredibly well-acted dramas of all time (seriously, Brian Cranston, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris and Giancarlo Esposito turned in some of the most amazing heartfelt performances).

Our very own Whyt Manga (Odunze Oguguo), the creator of our EXCLUSIVE MANGA, APPLE BLACK loved the show as well and took his own shot at immortalizing this incredible show with watercolors for a truly excellent depiction of Walter White’s evil drug kingpin, Heisenberg. While there were many webcomic type promotional tools on AMC — Whyt’s work does make you wonder about this as an ongoing manga….hmmm?


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