WIN Saturday AM's SAIGAMI Vol 2 by Andrea Voros!

SAIGAMI Vol. 2 IS OUT as a digital Kindle e-book.

But, SAIGAMI is BEST READ as a PHYSICAL GRAPHIC NOVEL and we’re working on bringing you this KICK-ASS new installment of Andrea Otilia Voros‘ shonen-shojo fantasy manga webcomic. Not only does this diverse series precede our popular female-led, CLOCK STRIKER, but it’s one of the oldest popular series we publish along with APPLE BLACK by Whyt Manga. Sadly, Andrea was unable to see her large fanbase at AnimeNYC but we’re here to change that with this fan-base.

The always lovely and adorable Andrea Voros with her test copy of SAIGAMI vol. 2

Since issue #4 of Saturday AM, SAIGAMI has thrilled fans around the world with its’ innocent yet strong-willed female protagonist, AYUMI, and her fire-wielding powers. In this volume, the world has begun to flesh out as Ayumi now must brave the trials to become an official member of this elite force but can this sweet young woman survive?

VOLUME 2 amps the ACTION and INTRIGUE and, as always, Andrea Voros’ pencils are some of the best of online manga comics! So, we want to GIVE AWAY this beautiful new book to three DESERVING fans! 


It’s simple!


  1. Draw a piece of fantasy art featuring the characters of SAIGAMI

  2. Post it on social media (i.e. INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and/or FACEBOOK – all three would be wise) with the hashtag #saigamivol2

  3. Make sure to let us know by using our handles (@saturday_am – Twitter, Instragram, and @saturdayam – Facebook)

  4. We’ll choose the 3 lucky winners with the BEST ARTIST receiving a SIGNED COPY by Andrea Voros as long as a BOOKMARK AND EXCLUSIVE Saigami trading card.

When can you start?


How many images can you submit?

As many as you want!

What is FAN ART?

….No words for you bruh — but go here for help at some of our FINEST!

What if I don’t know about the character?

Then your life has little meaning — CHANGE THAT by BUYING IT RIGHT NOW!


We will stop accepting submissions on Saturday, Dec. 2nd, 2017 at 11:59pm EST; we will choose winners on Monday morning dec. 4th, 2017

Enough yip yap, SAIGAMI Vol. 2 is coming
so get on it!

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