Apple Black Vol. 5

Series by:

Odunze Oguguo (Whyt Manga)

Sano now realizes just how dangerous his Arodihs arm can be, and as a result, he is now using a new external wand. When the Rumble Trials begin, can he succeed without using his older, corrupt weapon?

Many years ago, humans acquired “Black” fruits from a tree that descended from the skies, turning humans into sorcerers. Although all of Black is now extinct, humans still have sorcery inherited from their ancestors. Blessed with the Arodihs arm by Merlin, the god of sorcery, Sano is raised and trained in isolation and secrecy to be the world’s savior, known as the Trinity. The savior is the one who dawns the Infinite Night, an eternal night of chaos. With his newfound freedom from isolation, Sano gets a fiery start after being admitted to Black Bottom Island’s guild for young sorcerers. As his fellow gifted allies and sorcerers like Opal Wantmore accompany Sano on his quest, the treachery, betrayal, and evil that have plagued nearly all of Eden again threaten the world.

Sano fears his power can either save the world or destroy it. With his visions offering him a darker path, Sano seeks to find those responsible for his loss, and walk away from revenge and toward forgiveness to find closure. Ridding Eden of the Infinite Night will require him to uncover the secrets behind his father’s research on fully rejuvenating the effects of Black in bloodlines with the immense power known as Apple Black.

In Apple Black, Volume 5, Sano competes with the graduating class of the country’s guild in the Rumble Trials to determine their ten representatives for the Continent’s Nirvana Games. While the classmates go all out, Sano promises Angelo that he won’t use his arm of Merlin, Arodihs, to avoid the disaster that occurred the last time Arodihs used Sano as a vessel. To compensate, Angelo offers Sano a new wand. Can Sano prevail without using his Arodihs arm?

RELEASE DATE: October 8th, 2024

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