Gunhild Vol. 2

Series by:

Fred Tornager

To save the world, Gunhild must save the innately untrustworthy God of Mischief, the unredeemable Loki.

Gunhild refuses to be defined by others who believe that she is unworthy of respect as an orphaned Jotun. In Gunhild, Volume 2, the Gods have refused to heed her warnings about the impending Ragnarok, so she goes against their wishes and hatches her own plan to save mankind.

Unfortunately, Gunhild is in a tough situation:

  • Loki, the God of Mischief, whom she trusts and who is also a Jotun, is locked up in Hel.
  • The journey looks to be dangerous, with more mythical figures approaching her and her human friend, who lacks the ability to protect herself.
  • The Frost Giants are still angry with Gunhild for escaping their clutches and plan to take revenge no matter what.
  • And the hunt is on—but it’s for Gunhild!! The mysterious Tyr and his giant wolf, Fenris, can’t be stopped!

RELEASE DATE: May 28th, 2024

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