Making Manga: The Saturday AM Way (Saturday AM / How To)

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Do you love to draw manga characters? Do you dream of creating and sharing your own fully realized manga stories but don’t know how to make it happen? Making Manga is for you!

Created by the team at Saturday AM, the world’s leading showcase of diverse manga and comics stories, Making Manga gives you step-by-step guidance on everything you need to develop, create, and publish your own dynamic stories. You will find:

  • Tutorials on the essential elements of creating exciting manga, including writing, drawing, page layouts, coloring, and lettering
  • A chapter on publishing that gives you the tools you need to get your work out there
  • Two short manga starter stories inspired by Saturday AM’s hit series Apple Black and Clock Striker that let you test-drive your new creative skills and complete each story with your own ideas and unique point of view
  • QR codes link to exclusive instructional videos.

Perfect for beginning to intermediate manga and anime artists, character designers, fantasy illustrators, animators, and cartoonists, Making Manga is the complete insider’s guide to producing your own manga from the ground up.

For more instruction on character creation, Saturday AM Presents How to Draw Diverse Manga provides step-by-step tutorials for drawing different heads and facial features, hair types, bodies, and more.

RELEASE DATE: June 10th, 2025

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