Saturday Wars: The Manga Multiverse Crossover

Series by:

Frederick L. Jones

Eddy Frye

Move over, Marvel and DC—Saturday AM’s manga multiverse crossover is here!

In Saturday WarsSaturday AM’s heroes unite in an epic story that changes everything in the diverse manga multiverse. The post-credit scenes from initial volumes across Saturday AM’s series confirmed a shared universe—and NOW the event to save their worlds begins!

Driven by an evil empire helmed by the mysterious Chillian Veyn, a powerful threat is traversing the multiverse, conquering everything in its path. In response, the all-encompassing cosmic alliance that rules the multiverse seeks to recruit the diverse heroes of Saturday AM to fight to prevent the complete desolation of their realities. Though the heroes accept that their efforts are likely in vain, they’re still committed to joining forces to save their worlds. Thus, a series of wars erupt across the multiverse, threatening to destroy everything that has ever been or will ever be created. Can Sano of Apple Black, Cast of Clock Striker, Isao of Bully Eater, and the other heroes of Saturday AM win?

Written by Saturday AM publisher Frederick L. Jones with art by up-and-coming creator Eddy Frye, Saturday Wars features characters from Odunze Oguguo / Whyt Manga (Apple Black), JeyOdin (Hammer), Issaka Galadima (Clock Striker), plus Tony Dawkins (Titan King), Oscar Fong (The Massively Multiplayer World of Ghosts), Bon Idle (Henshin!), Fred Tornager (Gunhild), Morganne Walker (Soul Beat), and more!

Saturday Wars is the perfect adventure for manga lovers who’ve yearned to see their favorite heroes both pitted against each other and teaming up to battle an enemy more powerful than they’ve ever experienced.

RELEASE DATE: October 8th, 2024

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