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Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams is an American printmaker and graduate of The University of Alabama at Birmingham who has a strong passion for modern-day iconography. He is

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Li-En Peng

“I am an Australian-Taiwanese artist who loves to create, draw and inspire. In my spare time, you can find me climbing rocks or falling on

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Manga artist from France, participated in a one shot manga contest (tezuka award)

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DD. Mark

David Daniel Markson (AKA dd.markk) is a Nigerian artist and illustrator based in the United states.

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“I am just a simple frog who loves to draw comics. My favorite food is Aglio e Oilo, and my favorite drink of choice is

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Arūnas Murnikovas

“I am a Lithuanian creator who started his path in art as a teenager drawing daily, then turned to architecture in my study years. However,

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Kristina Andabak

Kristina Andabak is a German creator and full time student who’s spending way too much time on Discord for her own good. She’s also heavily

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“I am a 23 year old Nigerian kid in love with the craft of storytelling and art, hence the result of me creating orisha. very

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