FAQ Page – Most Commonly Asked Questions 

What is Saturday AM?

“The World’s Most Diverse Manga Anthology” Saturday AM is a Global Manga Publisher whose goal is to introduce more diverse artists and stories to the anime and manga industry. Founded in 2013 by Frederick L Jones, the company publishes over 30 artists around the world within a monthly digital anthology magazine that has over 150 issues to date. The company has a digital app (Saturday AM – Global Comics) for readers to enjoy the newest magazine issues and manga content, and their graphic novels are available in stores like Walmart, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Booksamillion, and more. 

Saturday AM is also well known for their community events and competitions which they host annually (Saturday Con, March Art Madness, and Summer of Manga)

Where can I read Saturday AM Manga?

You can read our manga series here on on our website portal or via our digital app (Saturday AM Global Comics)

Subscribers have access to ALL of the magazine issues and will be given priority in registering for events such as March Art Madness and Summer of Manga. 

Where can I buy Saturday AM Manga?

Our manga can currently be bought at Walmart, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Booksamillion, and many local comic book stores.  You can view them HERE on our website as well.

How do I get published with Saturday AM?

New artists are encouraged to register in the month of April for Saturday AM’s Summer of Manga event. Summer of Manga is the best way for our team to find the best talent and give them an opportunity to have a one-shot manga published within our company. 

If the one-shot does very well with readers and the artist has established a good reputation with the company, that artist will have the best chances of having a manga series published at Saturday AM. 

Why create magazines and what is the difference between them?

Inspired by Japan’s manga magazines such as Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Shonen Magazine, we aim to create exciting manga anthologies for our fans to read. 

Saturday AM is geared towards Shonen fans (in Japanese this means “young boys”)

Saturday PM is meant for seinen fans (those who crave more serious/adult themed content). 

Lastly, our Saturday Brunch Magazine is intended for shojo (young girls), josei (older women) and the LGBTQ+ community

We have plans to make more magazines in the future…So stay tuned with our official manga reading app (Saturday AM -Global Comics) for more!

If I am a writer, can I still be published? Or will you pair me with an artist?

No, not at this time.

What is Saturday Con?

Saturday Con is a virtual convention held once a year by Saturday AM. Anime and manga fans as well as artists are encouraged to come attend the online event. There will be industry professionals as guests on panels, how to draw tutorials, and insights into all things Saturday AM. Those who would like to pay for exclusive perks will be given an opportunity to pitch a manga series to Saturday AM, collect exclusive artwork, and meet and greet the Saturday AM artists behind the scenes. 

Saturday Con usually takes place around the end of January. Thus, sign ups for Saturday Con would happen in December and in early January.  


What is March Art Madness?

March Art Madness is a fanart competition inspired by the NCAA March Madness basketball competition. It is hosted by Saturday AM and it runs through the month of March. In this Mano-o-Mano styled event, artists are randomly pitted against other artists to create fanart each week. Fanart can range from the genres of Anime, Manga, Video games, American cartoons, Superheroes, and more. Artists who win against their competition through a special voting system and a panel of Saturday AM judges, will advance to the next round. The last remaining artist at the end of the event will be crowned the winner and will receive epic prizes from Saturday AM and other sponsors. 

Condolence prizes will be given to the runner up winners and ALL of the artists who have participated in the event will be given high priority in Summer of Manga registrations. 


What is Summer of Manga?

Summer of Manga is an annual event hosted by Saturday AM which takes place during the summer. New artists will have the chance to pitch a one-shot manga idea and (if selected) will be able to publish it for fans around the world to read. The artists who have the best performing one-shots, will be presented with future opportunities to work for Saturday AM. 

The purpose of the event is to find and discover new talent and bring the best performing artists into the company. 

Registrations for Summer of Manga are open in the month of April. Artists must be 18 years of age or older to participate. 

Why are there Age Requirements for Summer of Manga?

For a couple reasons. We believe a person’s desire to participate in our events should not come at the cost of their education and schooling. We encourage young people to focus on finishing high school before taking on the demands of a fast paced event or working with a manga company. 

The second reason is that we find that most young people can not comprehend complex instructions until they reach a more mature age. Therefore, we prefer people of 18 years of age or older for our Summer of Manga Event. 

When are the Registrations for Summer of Manga and March Art Madness? 

Registrations for March Art Madness are in February. Meanwhile the registrations for Summer of Manga are in April. 

Be sure to follow Saturday AM on social media in order to keep up with our announcements on the specific dates so that you do not miss it!

Why wasn’t I selected for Summer of Manga or March Art Madness? 

We are not going to sugar coat things when we say this, but getting into either event is going to be difficult. Hundreds of people register for both events every year and we only have a limited number of spots to give to artists. Therefore we are looking only for the very best talent and will select those whom we feel is ready to handle the event. 

If you were not chosen to participate, chances are that your artwork was not at the level that we were looking for, your idea or pitch was not strong enough, or both. OR you have listed your portfolio as “private” (making it impossible for our team to see your art and consider you) 

We recommend that you take the time to increase your skills and try to reapply for next year! 

Will there be a Saturday AM Anime?

Yes! In time…We will announce some exciting news soon!

What is the process of Saturday AM? How is manga produced?

Manga is created according to the schedule of the creator. Some artists can commit to a monthly chapter release. Others can only commit to a bi-monthly schedule. Chapters can consist an average of 10-15 pages but it really ranges according to the life circumstances of the creator. 

As far as how a manga is selected and chosen to become a graphic novel, we take the top performing artists from an event called Summer of Manga, and we serialize them in our digital magazine. Once an artist creates enough exciting content for their series and is able to demonstrate that there is a demand for their content, they will be considered for book publishing opportunities. 

Do I keep the rights to my story if I get published with Saturday AM?

We are proud to say that all creators within Saturday AM own the rights to the series they created. If we decide to publish your series, you will retain the rights.

I would like to contact Saturday AM to pitch my series. How do I go about that?

Please see the question above “How do I get published with Saturday AM?”  

I would like to contact Saturday AM for business, advertisement, or event opportunities. How do I reach them?

Please contact the email below:


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