Saturday AM #32

Saturday AM #32

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We've said this since the beginning but DIVERSITY MATTERS!

All summer long new EXCLUSIVE manga webcomics have begun to debut starting with Saturday AM Issue #24. You've seen glimpses of amazing new manga like CLOCK STRIKER, MONSTER SOCIETY OF AMERICA, REMEDIUM+ and GOD ARMS-- and now that #summerofmanga is over the FALL is in session, we are bringing the one and only, Black Female LEAD manga series --- CLOCK STRIKER to our flagship manga magazine! Want to meet the next BIG SHONEN MANGA HERO -- get to know CAST, the Clock Striker EXCLUSIVELY in this issue.

But that's not all, ISLANDERS by Cuban Artist Leonardo Massip finishes the battle with warped Navy Lieutenant Celia Reyes. Can the fledging group of Islanders survive?

What really makes this issue stand out however is the INCLUSION of Saturday PLUS. Our sister publication, it finally returns with THREE ALL-NEW MANGA PILOTS that will get a run out and it is an amazing set of series: OTOME LIFE by Regina Akora; EXPLOSION JOE by Ayinde Hall and CHAINED: [black] by Joe Atilo! Romance, spy and Norse mythology combine to produce a thrilling array of potential future Saturday AM titles much like COMET MAN and ISLANDERS. Check them out now!

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