Saturday AM #52

Saturday AM #52

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PILOT Manga (our private art community) member Miles O'Brien drops the COVER to this issue plus a new installment of our first LGBT hero in TETRINA. This is an interesting PILOT Chapter...I hope you all are checking it out so that we and Miles can get a read on this series potential.

Jaime Molina's super-fun and action-packed PARADISE DOWN continues as well. So, if you love super-powered thieves and a motley crew of cool characters ala Fairy Tail or One Piece--then you'll want to check this out!

And our MOST POPULAR SERIES...the one and only APPLE BLACK is in this issue. In fact, not just sexy Whyt Manga art and story BUT COSPLAY?? That's right, check out a COSPLAY artist who is covering the wonderful world of our original, webcomic smash hit!

Finally, an INTERVIEW of Magical How? from a creator of SPARKLER MONTHLY (think Saturday AM but focused on female readers). This delightful series posts colorful art, gender-bending protagonists, and an amazing diverse creator.

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