Saturday AM #53

Saturday AM #53

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SAIGAMI kicks off our newest issue with a BEAUTIFUL, EPIC and AWESOME new cover and the chapter is pretty thrilling as well as Andrea Voros continues the amazing INITIATION arc.

If that's not awesome then let's DOUBLE IT as we have another ultra-talented FEMALE MANGA CREATOR within Zabrine Bonoan's NEO WORLD ZODIACNuo, the pleasingly plump, fun and exasperated main character is about to become a hero against a world-threatening menace..even if she doesn't realize it yet!

Finally, our FIRST RECRUITED MANGA, BULLY EATER -- is BACK!! When we last left off, Raymond Brown's iconic Isao Akia was in dire straights against an opponent named Papercuts and now -- his buddy Shin has his own battle with an equally bizarre baddie!

Finally, an INTERVIEW and a special announcement help to round out a great, DIVERSE issue of our hit anthology!

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