Saturday AM #54

Saturday AM #54

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Who is EL TORO?

Dervins Moise's TEST FLIGHT winning entry (it tied with Monkey Way) is coming soon and now you can get some EXCLUSIVE new images as well as behind the scenes information on the new elements.

Considering we have our FINAL TEST FLIGHT of 2016 coming in just a week...this issue is perfect for artists and creators to learn about the struggles of converting even a winning entry of a TEST FLIGHT into a solid Saturday AM title!

Behind the beautiful cover by Dervins (with an amazing color assist by Leonardo Massip of ISLANDERS fame) is an all-new installment of the CAPCOM influenced brawling manga BULLY EATER by Raymond Brown and the modern, edgier BUFFY-style antics of MONSTER SOCIETY OF AMERICA  w/ an amazing COLOR PINUP!

That's not all -- two HUGE INTERVIEWS with Helen Quintinilla from Instagram and former Tokyopop starlet Sonia Leong from the United Kingdom!

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