Saturday AM #89

Saturday AM #89


Saturday AM #89 continues our #summerofmanga and it's a DYNAMITE ISSUE!!

In fact, it's SO BIG that we're making it FREE! That's right EVERYONE can enjoy this issue...why? Because it's got HUGE THINGS HAPPENING.

How big -- let's start with...

Z FOREVER by Mark Reid (remember him???) returns with a thrilling COVER and a kick-ass new installment. This title at one time was expected to be as BIG as APPLE BLACK. It's a straightforward revenge story with Religious symbolism and has incredible ART.

Let's then move to...

XERO: KING OF THIEVES HAMMER by Jin Chan Yum Wai from China! This series EXPLODED in 2017 in issue 76 as a fun, action-packed and UNIQUE series pilot. Now, the KING of THIEVES returns in a SERIES and that delightful artwork by the creator of HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE is the sort of thing that will make you smile.

Also there is...

HAMMER by the GREAT - JEYODIN. This artist is easily one of our most popular and his HAMMER is one of our most LAUDED new series since Clock Striker. Adventurous fantasy by a true webcomic master. Volume 2 began last issue and the full color juggernaut that is Hammer continues here.


#summerofmanga brings us NEW ARTISTS, NEW MANGA - all in a cool short story format. What to see the brightest voices in manga and comics? Check out this year's event.

This issue has D.I.D. by Frae and GRIMMHEIM by Kristina Andabak.

There's more but c'mon -- when the issue is FREE and it's Saturday AM -- the World's MOST Diverse Shonen Manga anthology -- what more do you need? READ IT now.

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