Saturday AM #94

Saturday AM #94

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Our #roadto100 continues!!

The World's MOST DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA anthology, Saturday AM, delivers our latest issue and it’s a KICK ASS!

SOUL BEAT by Morganne Walker

TITAN KING by Tony Dawkins

PARADISE DOWN by Jaime Molina 


BULLY EATER by founding member Raymond Brown!!!!

These are some of our MOST POPULAR EXCLUSIVE MANGA titles and this is one of our most important issues.

Also included:

All-new series about exciting KICKSTARTERS that YOU SHOULD SUPPORT!

1st up - is TENSION creator, Pearl Low about a Bi-racial young woman's struggle with her Black and Asian identity as personified by her beautiful curly hair.

Finally, enjoy an interview with creator Matthew Gallman of Captain Longbeard fame!

So enjoy!

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