PARADISE DOWN is the EXCLUSIVE shonen manga about super-powered thieves by Jaime Molina!


Brash phantom thief Rivet Valor aims to go down in history as the GREATEST THIEF WHO EVER LIVED! Tall claim indeed but he just might do it with his crew: tech genius Tybalt Valentine,  seductive bounty hunter Hikaru Hanada, and the powerful luchadora Katarina Guerra. This super-powered, colorful crew travels the world with danger on their heels. Join them as they try to steal the legendary treasure known as the “Paradise Down” and deal with threats and adventure along the way!

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a Guild in the world of PARADISE DOWN are the active organizations of Thieves, The purpose of a guild is to obtain and disseminate job requests to the members of the guild. There are two different types of Guilds, Active and Rogue guilds, An Active Guild is one that has been approved and registered by the Brethren Court. A Rogue Guild is one that has not been approved by the Brethren Court and is largely treated as a non factor, though there are some Guilds whose actions have warranted them to be seen as criminal organizations. Regardless of their status they are largely Illegal in all of their respective Kingdoms and thus usually must use various means of hiding their whereabouts.

They do this by various means but the most common one is by Links, doorways that can connect the guild to a location via a teleportation spell activated by the turn of a special key. The doorways and their respective keys, due to being so vital to their existence, are always protected by a Thief holding the rank of Guardian at all times. 

Guild Ranks

Guild Master: A Guild Master is the head of the guild that he or she is affiliated with. Typically, Guild Masters are incredibly powerful, often being the strongest Thief in their guilds.  A Guild Master oversees the activities of their Guild, from sending members on missions to making the hard decisions regarding the safety of their people. The Rank has the final say on all matters of the respective guild, As such, they are able to excommunicate members of their guilds or even reappoint them as an official member. They also have the power to decide who the next master of the guild will be as well as who is the guardian to the key of their guild.

First Sword: The First Sword or Second in Command as it can otherwise be known is the secondary rank within a guild, They hold almost as much power as the Guild Master themselves and assume the role of Leadership should the Guild Master not be physically able to make the final decision on a subject. They are almost always the successor to the Guild Master though there have been rare exceptions. Mostly, they may fill a number of roles from checking stock to assigning jobs to members. Ultimately They answer only to one person in the guild, the Guild Master themselves.

Guardian: Perhaps the most important member within a guild in terms of its survival is its assigned Guardian, in trusted with their key which may link their hideout to the outside world, they are usually some of the strongest members of the guilds themselves. Each Guardian takes an oath and is to at all times protect the key, even if it cost them their lives. 

Rooks: Stronger members within the group who may be assigned to lead a small unit during a job. Often time they are experienced and powerful enough to hold their own in battle but not strong enough to be considered a first sword. Their duty will be to instruct and train them to become competent Thieves. They also can recommend to the first sword or guild master themselves who should be promoted to the Rook rank.

Members: Members are simply Thieves within the guilds who are able to take jobs. Outside of that their roles may vary greatly, from having some sort of medical duties to being in charge of with the up keep of the guild itself (though in much smaller guilds almost everyone chips in to do this) Because of the often disparity in skill between members, they are often paired with Rooks or even First Swords themselves. Members usually wear uniforms, though the uniforms vary depending on the guild. 


Thief ranks are complied by their respective countries and serve largely as a barometer for not only how wanted the thief may be but the danger they may pose to any given individual. The Higher they're ranked the far more dangerous they usually are. Protocol by the respective Kingdoms Military is largely dependent on the rank they're dealing with, with anything over a C Rank causing for more powerful soldiers to be dispatched. 

S Rank: This rank is achieved when a thief is considered a global threat throughout all the kingdoms and have battled with and defeated a high ranking member of the military. Only the highest ranking officers and actual warlord level military members are allowed to engage against this enemy, All other officers are to flee on sight. Thieves at this level are usually capable of planetary/life ending damage. This rank is so rare its only been achieved a total of 5 times throughout its history.

A Rank: This rank is achieved when a thief is considered a thread in more than three kingdoms and have battled with the military in one way or another. Only the highest ranking officers are allowed to engage against this level of enemy. Thieves at this level are usually capable of country level damage.

B Rank: This rank is achieved when a thief is considered a threat in more than one kingdom and have battled with the military in one way or another. The Military reserves stronger units for thieves of this rank and often times discourages their lower ranked officers from engaging in battle. Thieves at this level are usually capable of Island level damage.

C Rank: This is the mid rank tier for Thieves, the military actively hunts down thieves of this threat. Often times to get at this rank the thieves must've battle and defeating an existing military member of their respective kingdom. Thieves at this level are usually capable of City level damage. 

D Rank: This is the lowest rank a thief can have and still be considered a threat by the Military. Thieves at this level are usually capable of multi city block level damage.

E Rank: This rank is essentially the same as a non-factor, civilian level threat, Often times the thieves in these ranks are either guild-less, inexperienced, or too weak to garner the attention of the military. Thieves at this level are usually capable of street level damage.


The Sun Kingdom

- The Sun Kingdom is a bright and warm country, Bordering the wild lands that's made up of small unrecognized nations.
Most of the outer kingdom is still in ruin having just come out of a 7 year war with the Snow kingdom, the two having signed
a peace treaty when neither side had gained the upper hand. The country is rich in natural resources and has positioned them
as a key trade player on the world stage though it has also caught the attentions of thieves who aim to make a fortune from
stealing those very same materials. Because of the economic power the Sun Kingdom holds, it has attracted people of all kinds of
races which has resulted in some very tense racial conflict between the humans and demons that inhabit it. The Sun Kingdom
is home to Rivet Valor.

Locations: NEW AQUA


Located in the lower east coast of Titania lies the city of New Aqua. Sitting inside an Impact crater, The City has become famed for its surrounding waterfalls that pour its streets hiding its lower underwater districts.



Located beneath the busy streets of New Aqua.The Coral that grows around the city allows the inhabitants to breathe unassisted as

it surrounds the nearby areas with a bubble of Air that is continually replenished. 


Edge Water Town


Resting on an island off the shores of Titania, Edge Water is a relatively small city. It's home to the Royal Bartow Family and a favorite

location for thieves to take jobs and restock at. 


Owl Express.png

The Main method of transportation from getting to Island to Island from Edge Water Town, The Trains from this company are famed for being

able to traverse over vast ocean spaces. Rivet's on and off girlfriend use to work here until he ended up getting her fired.

The Desert Kingdom

- The Desert Kingdom is a Hot and arid country located to the west of Titania and north to Callisto. The Desert Kingdom is known for its
ravenous sand dunes, which are so violent and all consuming that citizens live atop man made floating islands above the desert seas.
The flying cities above this nation have spiraled into many new inventions, from solar panel covered streets, to tower gardens, and of
course the technology that keep the city islands buoyant. Yuraleska is the largest home to thieves with the local government almost
outright endorsing it so long as the items stolen are from outside the nation and that a tax is paid to them. This has made some cities
in the nation have an almost wild west feel in terms of its lawlessness. A Very popular sport in this area is Jet Racing, using the natural
landscape and dangerous wildlife as obstacles for their drag races.

The Sea Kingdom

- The Sea Kingdom is a cool fog covered country, located on the west coast of Callisto. The native people of this land are the Crow Demons, A highly intelligent race who have been lauded for not only their skill in aerial combat but their brilliant strategic minds. The borders of the country enveloped in the skeletal remains of what was once a giant shark demon, its bones acting like a natural wall of defense against invading ships or outsiders. Rucia is famous for their violent typhoons and whirlpools which had plunged the country in isolation for most of its early life, however technological advancement brought over from the Moon Kingdom has made it possible to brave its rough waters. The Kingdom has a caste system in place and have a long line of nobility who do everything they can to enforce it.. Both its isolationist ways as well as old traditional values have begun to erode away with more civil rights demand taking the forefront.

The Snow Kingdom

- The Snow Kingdom is a very cold and massive country both in terms of scale and power on the continent. The Valkyrie temperatures can
dip so low that people have been known to freeze almost instantly without the proper equipment. The native people of this land are the
Buffalo demons though unlike their Oni counterparts they are quite welcoming to human visitors so long as they offer economic or
military value. Having just spent the last 7 years at war with the Sun Kingdom as the aggressor, they are currently rebuilding their nation. Prior to the war their last Warlord, who reigned with a tyrannical fist was overthrown and killed by his successor who would go on to become a champion of the people, His face and iconography can be seen throughout the nation.

Ra' Alsa
The Moss Kingdom 

- The Moss Kingdom is a humid jungle covered island nation located off the west coast of Yuraleska. Its dense trees, known as the
Diamond fang oak, are stronger than most steel and iron thus making it the go to material for the country stretching from weapons to
even household items. The Kingdom is famous for its war hungry attitude with a religion that romanticizes death by battle as an
honorable way to die, The current warlord of the Kingdom is so famed for embodying these traits that the country has been in a state of
peace ironically due to no one wanting to make enemies of them. The overwhelming demographic of the nation are Oni, due to years of
racial tension humans are exempt from stepping foot on the country else they be put to death.

Ursa Major
The Stone Kingdom

- The Stone Kingdom is a cold and tough country, bordering Valkyrie the snow kingdom. Its mountainous terrain has caused most of
the land to be inarable and thus most of the food consumed is brought in via trade rather than farming. Once considered a
superpower they have since relinquished the position from a combination of war and famine, causing several uprisings to start
dotting the kingdom as well as casting doubt on the current leadership. They are home to the world's largest mountain,
Mt. Kaiser which is home to wyverns and dragons alike. Though most of the world fears the creatures, The stone kingdom is
has instead implemented dragon taming into everyday life to the point where its used as transportation to get around.

The Moon Kingdom

- The Moon kingdom is a technologically advanced country and was once home to the Vampire demons that have since gone extinct.
The Kingdom is home to yearly thunder storms that can hang around for as long as decades, once clear however the skies shine
bright with Aurora lights and have become something of a tourist attractions during their arrival. The country has begun to
crackdown hard on the Thief guilds in its borders which have begun to drive them further underground and becoming more elaborate
with how they hide/gather for jobs. The Moon Kingdom is famous for being the sole country to have the "Panda Dragon" Flower, a
very powerful medicinal herb whose rarity has made it a prize possession for doctors all over.




Jaime Molina

Author and Artist of PARADISE DOWN, Jaime Molina is a Puerto Rican Bronx Native having grown up loving all these manga, anime, and pro wrestling. His artistic influences ranges from Akira Toriyama (Author and Artist of DRAGON BALL) , Hayao Miyazaki (Director and Artist of SPIRITED AWAY, PRINCESS MONONOKE) to even western artists like Todd Mcfarlane (90s SPIDERMAN & SPAWN COMICS).