"Sometimes, all we need is a new beginning..."

Story & Art by Andrea Otília Vörös 

The story thus far...

Hanasaki Ayumi can't quite find her place in the world with every day being one of emptiness and loneliness. But on the day she receives a mysterious letter, everything changes. Finding herself in a frightening new world full of unexpected adventures and fanciful characters, she joins in the journey of two adventure-seeking young men. Hoping that she'll find a way home, Ayumi soon realizes that the more time she spends in this strange, new world, the more she gets tangled up within it and the greatest questions of all: Who is she? and Where does she belong?


“Very unique story! Like the protagonist a lot, especially the fact the author gave her average, everyday girl feature instead of exaggerated curves and the like. The rest of the characters are pretty well fleshed out and dynamic. “ - Adam, Goodreads review

“I love this story and desperately want more from this created. The story,characters and artwork were all wonderfully done. I fell in love with Saigami! I would recommend for young adults and up. :) “ - Haley Lossing, Goodreads review

“The characters are growing and beautifully drawn, this has left me craving more and more as the hidden under plot becomes more and more clear. So much mystery with fun characters, I wish they grew more but it still held an important message. Believe as the path isn’t always clear. “ - Meera - Amazon reviews

“Fantastic setting with an adorable main character, you won't regret reading Saigami! “ - Amazon customer review

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Saigami Chapter Guide

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Saigami Art Gallery

Ever wondered how Saigami is made? A step by step video showing you how I make a manga page!  

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