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Odunze Oguguo (Whyt Manga)

About This series

Sano, a young sorcerer blessed with the arm of a god, struggles to fulfill his prophesied destiny as the savior of the world fearing he may be the opposite. Despite ominous visions steering him down darker paths, Sano aims to protect the world from the Infinite Night, an eternal night of chaos. All while trying to uncover the secrets regarding his father’s demise and research on the immense power known as Apple Black.

About the Creator

Odunze Oguguo (Whyt Manga)

Nigerian artist Odunze Oguguo is the creator of hit manga series Apple Black and Bacassi. Oguguo is also an influencer who has garnered a large following as “Whyt Manga.” As one of the co-founders of MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC, and a central figure in developing its brands like Saturday AM, Oguguo has found time to achieve personal milestones. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a minor in computer science. He later graduated with a master’s degree in fine arts from the same university with a degree in Visual Communication Design. He resides in North Texas with his family.

Apple Black Vol. 1

Odunze Oguguo (Whyt Manga)

Apple Black Vol. 2

Odunze Oguguo (Whyt Manga)

Apple Black Vol. 3

Odunze Oguguo (Whyt Manga)

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