Saturday PM

Series by:

Arūnas Murnikovas

About This series

In the dismal world where humans live together with hybrids everything becomes more distorted day by day. While everyone is used to living with the hybrids, they are still strange creatures, a borderline between humans and other animals. Hybrids introduce humans to even stranger concepts which allows them to use their potential to its fullest. Evas is a teenager who happens to work as an assassin for an agency established by the government to exterminate street gangs. However, after an incident between them and his friend, Evas and his partner Alissa swear to destroy the agency and become free from it. Everything gets even more complicated when Evas becomes the target of another big underground organization.

About the Creator

Arūnas Murnikovas

“I am a Lithuanian creator who started his path in art as a teenager drawing daily, then turned to architecture in my study years. However, after graduating I decided to follow my passion for comics and debuted with my one shot “Broken Watch” in Summer of Manga 2021. I love Japanese manga ranging from serious seinen to heartwarming slice-of-life stories. The desire to capture not only action but also emotions of the characters, as well as cinematographic backgrounds is what describes my art. I like listening to music, playing drums, skateboarding, and binging manga series in my free time.”

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