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Orisha tells the story of Aboki, a young boy with a skin depigmentation that is considered to be a source of misfortune in his culture.

During a walk in the forest, he encounters a man covered with wounds, called Domingo, who reveals to him that he is one of the 5 prime Orishas, Guardian of the world, and that a great disaster is about to occur, as the antogonist Azaazel is after them and trying to obtain each of their power so that he can open and unleash the evil spirits of the Voodoo Realm.

Before dying, Domingo transfers his Orisha powers to Aboki, and asks him to find the others before Azaazel, and to unite to defeat him.

Aboki’s village is attacked by Azaazel’s army in search for Domingo, and the few survivors, including Aboki’s father, are captured.

To free his father and defeat Azaazel, Aboki sets out to find the other Orishas and make them his allies, although he knows that his unique complexion and his total lack of experience as a Guardian will not make it easy for them to accept him.

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“I am a 23 year old Nigerian kid in love with the craft of storytelling and art, hence the result of me creating orisha. very much into playing sports but I don’t watch any. studying architecture but my true calling in the realm of creating stories with the goal of my work being as successful and big as the ones that inspired me such as Naruto, western comic stories and even films like Harry Potter and Avatar the Last Airbender.”

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