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Elias Seeker, a plain human still living on Earth, is a young adult in a particularly unique financial situation, leading him to find any jobs that he can get. One day, an eye-catching flyer with sight-seeing opportunities and enough zeros ends up with him carrying out duties as a member of the Research Department—working for a company known as the Otherworldly Travel Agency. But with an impossibly easy interview yet lengthy hiring process, as well as concerned comments from coworkers in other departments, there might be a catch to this pretty paycheck… Will the danger of on-the-job research be worth clearing his hefty debt?

About the Creator


“I am just a simple frog who loves to draw comics. My favorite food is Aglio e Oilo, and my favorite drink of choice is Ginger Ale. I love messy yet competent men in suits, as well as bright, pure-hearted characters who fight on no matter what! The concept of fantastical versus mundane is one of my favorite tropes in storytelling. I do not like the horror genre as I am a weak-hearted person where even an action movie can make me incredibly nervous from anticipation alone. Knowing all of that, I hope we can all get along!”

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