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Series by:

Li-En Peng

About This series

For the last 17 years Jugg Academy’s beloved ‘School Prince’, Kion Aster, has kept secret his extreme obsession with shoujo romance manga. He only dreams of living the perfect high school love story, but just his luck… Kion’s high school hopes are flipped upside down by the crazy transfer student and self-proclaimed knight, Aya Achillea. She declares he is the descendant of the cursed Aster princess, who’s royal lineage has the power to shift the balance of the world. Kion finds himself caught in the middle of an ancient survival game where aristocratic families attempt to kill or marry him before his 18th birthday, unless Aya can protect him.

Now, in his final year of high school, Kion must attempt to fulfil his dream despite being target of wild marriage proposals and assassinations. But the greatest threat to his fantasy of a cliché school romance may be his own knight in shining armour…

He might get his dream shoujo love story, but as the damsel in distress?

About the Creator

Li-En Peng

“I am an Australian-Taiwanese artist who loves to create, draw and inspire. In my spare time, you can find me climbing rocks or falling on ice, and of course, reading lots and lots of manga from a diverse range of genres.”

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