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Morganne Walker

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Dante Alfonse never believed in facing the consequences for his actions, until a fateful encounter opens his eyes and he decides to change his ways for good. Of course, with so many sins to absolve and the forces of evil standing in the way, the road to redemption is all but impossible. Too bad for the devil…he picked the wrong sinner to mess with! Aided by a heavenly messenger and a mysterious new power to light his way, the 70’s-loving retired pro-boxer will attempt an impossible journey, discover the secrets of the afterlife…and ultimately show the dead what it really means to have soul!

About the Creator

Morganne Walker

Morganne Walker is the artist and writer for the shonen manga Soul Beat, which is published in Saturday-AM. She studied architectural design at Ball State University, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in 2014, and her Master’s degree in 2016. She currently lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana with her cat, Charlie.

Soul Beat Vol. 1

Morganne Walker

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