Saturday AM presents SUMMER OF MANGA 2022!!

That’s right; our annual submission event is BACK for its’ 6th year! And it’s BIGGER THAN EVER!

Once again, we are accepting ORIGINAL SHORT STORY SUBMISSIONS from artists around the world aged 18 and up for a limited time. These short stories must have a beginning, middle, and end. No chapter ones or scenes of an existing comic will be permitted.

If selected, the entries will publish within the 2022 summer issues of Saturday AM or Saturday AFTERNOON (via our PILOT MANGA site).

As space is limited, we’ll be looking for ONLY the BEST, MOST ORIGINAL, and most PROFESSIONAL entries and artists for inclusion. And considering that past alumni have ended up working on Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Saturday BRUNCH, or Saturday AFTERNOON – it’s a fantastic opportunity to experience our diverse manga revolution.

But that’s not all.

Not by a LONG SHOT…

The Official SOM Artists Have Been Announced!!

 13 Comics…From Artists All over the World… We are super excited to read all of the one-shot comics that these talented artists have pitched to us. Some of these artists have come from our recent March Art Madness Competition, while other artists will be completely new to our events! You will be able to read them in the Saturday AM August Issues. So stay tuned and subscribe to our App! 

Also, congratulations to the winner of our Fan Vote Survey, @ej.comics-!! They received the most amount of votes and will be joining our SOM group! If you would like to see our team reviewing our top 15 Summer of Manga Submissions check out these Youtube Videos below! Otherwise, let’s have a KILLER Summer of Manga 2022!

the official eleven artists


who of these artists will appear in the next saturday am annual?

Our new graphic novel partnership with Quarto Group has brought us a chance to get more of our diverse manga to retail stores worldwide. The new SATURDAY AM ANNUAL book series is a yearly anthology where we run short stories from top new creators. 

The 1st book, Saturday AM ANNUAL 2023, features commissioned short stories from artists in Greece, Nigeria, Ghana, America, the United Kingdom, and Canada, and nearly all were PAST #SUMMEROFMANGA artists. 

THIS YEAR’S SUMMER OF MANGA will bring us the artists who will participate in our 2024 ANNUAL (slated for late 2023). 

Finally, our loyal readers will not only vote on the stories, but they will offer the most in-depth critique of your short stories with the sort of honest commentary that you won’t find on most webcomic sites.

the rules

1) We accept only short stories because if you’re unable to tell a story in 10 pages – odds are you won’t be able to in 30 pages.

2) Work must be original – no fan fiction, please.

3) Age appropriate titles only – we do not want to censor a creator due to mature themes and graphic images.

So, what are you waiting for?


SUBMISSIONS END MAY 6th, 2022 11:59pm PST

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