TITAN KING is a 1980's influenced EXCLUSIVE shonen manga by Tony Dawkins

TITAN KING is a 1980's influenced EXCLUSIVE shonen manga by Tony Dawkins


KING of the Alien jungle?...

It was a normal day for Eli Santos, until a notorious alien kingdom abducts him for the most dangerous competition in the universe: The Titan King Tournament! A competition that pits fighters abducted from across the galaxy to ally and battle with the ferocious monsters, the Titans, in order to be crowned as the Titan King. While every contestant fights for survival, all have things they strive to live for and achieve, and Eli is no exception. Come hell or high-water, he will do whatever it takes to win the crown and return back to his home planet, Earth. 


ELI SANTOS of Saturday AM's manga, Titan King


A confrontational, hotheaded teenager, 17 year old Eli is one of the newest contestants entered into the Titan King Tournament. Fueled with the intense desire to return home, he and Rexleo’s shared ability to manipulate vibrations fight together in hopes of winning, reuniting with his family, and regain his freedom.


At 17 years old hailing from Planet Malva, a planet split by the soldier and worker class, Banaya is a bright individual with dreams of escaping her predestined place in her society. However, now alongside Eli and her Titan, Aetos Ra, she competes with her wind ability in the Titan King Tournament in hopes of reclaiming her freedom to reach that goal.

BANAYA of Saturday AM's manga, Titan King
POPS of Saturday AM's manga, Titan King


By far the oldest competitor in the game, Pops has fought with his Titan, Froschel Zitz, for decades. Born on the planet Psomia, he is wise and takes great pride in being an elder father figure to the younger combatants. Though competing every year, Pops appears to have little interest in the crown and instead focuses on preparing those he deems worthy for survival by passing his knowledge. 


A 17 year old hardcore gamer through and through, Calder may very well be one of the few contestants enjoying the tournament due to its similarities to his video games. Suffering from intense bullying, Calder found a hero in Eli after being frequently rescued. However, now in the tournament he, alongside his Titan, Terranova, will have to come to terms with one day facing his best friend in the ring with his earth manipulation powers.

CALDER of Saturday AM's manga, Titan King


A supersonic lion, Rexleo is a formidable Titan forged by Eli's spirit. His confidence and proud attitude causes him to butt heads with his Rider, Eli at times, but when it comes down to it he, like his rider, are true protectors and work together to defend his allies and battle in the form of razor sharp claws and hyper sonic exhaust jets on his back!

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Tony was born in Illinois 1997 and has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. After graduating high school he attended a local community college in order to hone his digital abilities. Now using a mixture of traditional tools like maru pens, and microns and digital tools like a Wacom tablet and M.S. 5 EX, he works intensely on his monster action series, Titan King.

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