The world’s MOST DIVERSE manga heroes appear in a set of official trading cards!

Twenty-six cards were printed on traditional trading card stock and packaged in a beautifully designed foil-stamped wrapper with the famous Saturday AM heroes and artists. WHYT MANGA, JEYODIN, ISSAKA GALADIMA, MORGANNE WALKER, and more of our global community of exclusive artists drew the art for each card. At the same time, co-founder Raymond Brown brought them to life with an extraordinarily vibrant design. 

The cards include essential biographical information on the heroes and villains of our manga multiverse and details on their powers and 1st appearances. So, whether you’re a long-term fan or if you’re discovering them via our upcoming graphic novel line by Quarto Group, these cards are a perfect way to get closer to our characters. 


the rules

Preorder the books at ANY of your favorite stores. NOTE: You can preorder one to receive a pack, but you’ll need to preorder ALL of the books to get them all. Keep the receipt. Go and fill out the survey below. Hit submit, and then if everything checks out, expect your 1st pack in your mailbox within three weeks. Any questions? Please get in touch with us at


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